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Joker and Harely Quinn Picture Frame by Madre-suicide Joker and Harely Quinn Picture Frame :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 3 0 Blowing Bubbles by Madre-suicide Blowing Bubbles :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 1 2 LGBT Soldiers by Madre-suicide LGBT Soldiers :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 2 0 Clucky Wild things by Madre-suicide Clucky Wild things :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 0 0 TARDIS pencil holder by Madre-suicide TARDIS pencil holder :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 1 0 Depth of Field Practice by Madre-suicide Depth of Field Practice :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 1 3 Bench Pose by Madre-suicide Bench Pose :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 2 0
Dear..Prt 2
What I hoped would be one, is forever two.
I never thought I'd get over you.
But with one swift kick to my mind,
a new love was quite easy to find.
I fucked up with you and I know why,
but that's no reason to let love lie,
In a cave hidden from the sun,
sucking the life out of all of my fun.
He listens to me with unwavering trust,
nothing is powered by sex and lust.
He thawed my heart and makes me happy,
never again will I be patheticly sappy.
And though this poem might be stupid,
you can't help it when hit by cupid.
I've been saved and given hope,
So stick your self righteous act right up your…
Well you get it. =)
:iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 0 0
Cheer by Madre-suicide Cheer :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 0 0 Kiwi Soccer by Madre-suicide Kiwi Soccer :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 2 0 Snake and Kiwi love by Madre-suicide Snake and Kiwi love :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 0 0 Moooose by Madre-suicide Moooose :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 0 0 Panda by Madre-suicide Panda :iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 4 2
Zombito Brain Drain-3
"It will come out."
A woman stood over a sink rubbing soap into a winter beanie. The kitchen she worked in was small and colorfully decorated with a child's drawings. A picture on the fridge showed her, her husband, Mark, and her 6 year old son, Aiden. She glanced out the window once to see a man limping down the street towards the police blockade.
"There goes Mr. Sanchez…" she looked back down at her hat with a slight glare and began scrubbing harder.
It had been Aiden's favorite cap for her to wear, and though she loved her son dearly, peanut butter and jelly still did not belong on mommy's head.
Normally, around this time she would be getting ready to go pick Aiden up from his friend's house, but the police had made sure her schedule was free for the time being.
It had only been a week since the evacuation of San Pedro, but life had to go on no matter what. The armpit city had been a quarantined zone since the very beginning. The government was kind to its American citizens, if
:iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 2 2
I lay awake and wait to die
I can't believe I still can cry
A dried out corpse you left behind
an empty husk the next will find
I look for love but find none
I guess a sinner has no fun.
For once I smile, I now crack
and beg your soul to take me back.
I pay for my sin by my own hand
seeing my dreams dissolve to sand.
I want you back no matter the cost
my heart I ice into a thick frost
An everlasting winter is all I feel
I sit in slumber and wait to heal
I've given up without you
What I hoped would be one, is forever two.
:iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 1 0
A soft hiss escaped from her lips.
"My is time now."
Tai stretched and curled up in a ball to look up at her nanny.
"Must I?"
" must"
The nanny brought out the machete and raised it above her head.
"I'm sorry miss..."
With that the machete was brought down in a great sweep and Tai's skin fell to the floor.
:iconmadre-suicide:Madre-suicide 0 1


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United States
My nickname is Suicide. But my friends call me Sui...less morbid. I like to draw mainly for fan purposes. On the rare occasion I draw from my mind it comes out odd...but you may like odd idk.

Anyway, according to my vertically challenged friends..I am freakishly tall. I'm actually only six feet, not that tall in my opinion. My hair isn't styled, I don't like its styled. The only style I like is hippie/goth...yea try to imagine that I'll wait.......
awkward huh?
I am very much in love with being creative with anything I can find. Example? During the Fall I shape piles of leaves into stars and swirls on my front lawn. They're pretty =)

Horror movies, Cult classics and some plays make up my mind. If you want to get to know me..These movies make-up my personality:
1. My Demon Lover
2. Lost Boys
3. Labyrinth
4. Legend
5. Rocky Horror Picture Show
6. The Crow

I am a College graduate that lives back at home while working 4 cities away. I'm an alum from my sorority and will be getting involved with the local group soon =)

I am majored in Journalism. I love to write and want to eventually fall into writing and publishing stories I have had kept in my head since I was in the fourth grade. From there hopefully I can do what I love for a living, and that is read books. (a.k.a. Editor)

Stuff never to bring up with me:
Twilight...obvious reason. While I respect fans of the book that knew about it before it was a Vampire fan's worst nightmare, I can't stand fantics.
Girly anything. I do not discuss makeup, clothes, or shoes...unless they are for a costume that ISN'T slutty.
HSBS...I had enough of it when I was in HS.

Off topic. I love getting to know people, and I love to draw. If you ever feel like challenging my hand then let me know and I'll happily see what I can do.

Current Residence: A body
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Abstract
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
Shell of choice: A blanket
Skin of choice: Snake Skin =D
Favourite cartoon character: Cheese (Foster's Home)
Personal Quote: "Strength is born in the silence of long-suffering hearts; not amid joy" -Arthur helps
Nothing much to say except HAPPY EASTER!

I am entering a pageant o,o.

The money raised from the event go toward a philanthropy. The winner will be decided based on whoever gets the most money donated towards them.

I'm super excited.
I'm half proud of myself for signing up because in the past I would've run from the pageant. Now I'll be standing up in front of the room of people.

*squeal* I'm excited ^_^
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